Xenophile Travelers

Consumer Tribe: Xenophile Travelers

Xenophile Travelers
Consumer Tribe: Xenophile Travelers
Keywords: Travel; museums; literature; monuments; prehispanic architecture; foods; recipes; cultural awareness.

Description of their identity
This tribe comprises a group of men and women who relate their identity and lifestyle to culture and travel. The combination of the two aspects is what formulates the symbolic particularity of the tribe: the person presenting himself before others from the constant search for cultures and historical and local human practices.

Wisdom, as the result of recognizing the cultural aspects that represent the local and the archaic, is the central identity axis of the digital tribe. That is why their activity is mediated by images of their trips to archaeological and pre-Hispanic areas, photographs that link food with the history of the place, and above all, publications that highlight more than the typical monuments of the area, the cultural peculiarities of architecture, objects, and social rituals.

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