Absolute Badasses

Consumer Tribe: Absolute Badasses

Absolute Badasses
Consumer Tribe: Absolute Badasses
Keywords: Obscene speech, alcohol, video games, superheroes, hegemonic masculinity.

Description of their identity

A group of boys, adolescents, and young men from 13 to 20 years who position themselves according to hegemonic masculinity are known as the Absolute Badasses tribe. This masculinity is defined as one that, to earn worth, is hostile toward its surroundings and the individuals in it.

In this way, the building of masculinity from the figure of the defiant man shapes the identity axis of the tribe. This rebellious guy figures prominently in the tribe's history. It is not only about being violent; it is also about tying the individual with vices, rebellious attitudes, and aggressive and sexist rhetoric that, in a certain sense, connects them back to a place of non-vulnerability.

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