Adrenaline Addicts

Consumer Tribe: Adrenaline Addicts

Adrenaline Addicts
Consumer Tribe: Adrenaline Addicts

Description of their identity

Keywords: Hiking; trekking; cycling; rafting; athletics; travel; landscapes; luxury outdoor equipment.

The present tribe called Adrenaline Addicts represents a set of profiles, primarily men between 20 and 35 years old, who demonstrate their passion for constantly travelling to places that involve physical effort and adaptation. They wish to project to others an active, sporty, and daring figure to the extent that they engage in extreme sports that expose them to intrepid situations.

Adaptation to any context is how their collective desire is presented. For them, any trip or weekend activity should not only take them to non-city places but should also encourage "risky" situations where they exercise and dominate nature. Hence the pictures they upload to social media: moments where they are climbing, camping, cycling, rafting, and trekking, among others. It is about showing themselves through these practices as active-natural people.

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