All Terrains

Consumer Tribe: All Terrains

All Terrains
Consumer Tribe: All Terrains
Keywords: Cycling, motorcycling, contemplation of natural scenery, road trips, outdoor activities.

Description of their identity

This tribe comprises profiles from 25 to 35 that are shown travelling different highways, roads and trails with a sense of adventure and emphasis on the natural wealth they access. Two-wheeled vehicles, as well as their legs, are their main means of transportation. In that sense, their publications are composed primarily of natural landscapes (hills, waterfalls, fields, trees) and fragments of their rides. They show themselves on the road, always in transit.

This tribe signifies the journey as a moment in which specific tastes are re-constructed and affirmed through different experiences, such as trips to new places, sports activities, and exhibitions of images that collect the most important monuments and landscapes. In short, speed and immediate change are the elements that most interest them, so they are indifferent to whether the context is natural or constructed (cities).

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