Consumer Tribe: Antisocials

Consumer Tribe: Antisocials
Keywords: Selfies, empowerment, CDs (retro music), personal moments, friendships, music, coffee.

Description of their identity

This tribe comprises a network of female profiles between 16 and 25 years old that position themselves in social media from their relationship with the antisocial. In other words, it is a group of women who highlight their aesthetic figure with empowering phrases and memes that deepen their feeling of not being understood and the exposure of their formation about the strange. Now, it is essential to mention that consolidating themselves from the club of the misunderstood does not necessarily have to do with a negative feeling on the part of the tribe. They articulate their identity towards that feeling because it allows them to build a sense of belonging away from the norm, from the mainstream.

They focus on demonstrating to others that they do not need anyone or anything in their daily lives. Their activities are usually done in a solitary way. However, it is necessary to constantly show in their digital profiles such solitude, demonstrating that they can have a good time alone.

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