Consumer Tribe: Beffas

Consumer Tribe: Beffas
Keywords: friendship; concerts; friends; school; fandom; travel. 

Description of their identity

Beffas is the name that has been generated to describe all those women, teenagers, and young women, who link their identity aspect with their friendship relationships. Women from 12 to 20 years old use social media to portray an increased way of life as a collective, that is, the time they spend with their friends.

The search for autonomy and belonging coordinates their behavior at the digital and non-digital levels. Many of the images they upload to the network show the rituals of being part of the group (going to concerts, playing games with each other), the moments in which they display and reinforce their affection (hugs, for example), and the collective nicknames that function as banners of the "team of friends". This fact has a connotation of inclusion and exclusion since by showing that they are a profoundly cohesive influential group, at the same time, they exclude people who are not part of the group.

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