Blooming Entrepreneurs

Consumer Tribe: Blooming Entrepreneurs

Blooming Entrepreneurs
Consumer Tribe: Blooming Entrepreneurs
Keywords: entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship, creative companies, coworking, mindset, goals, entrepreneur life, small business, development, solutions, grow, management, innovation.

Description of their identity
Blooming Entrepreneurs are a young tribe (25-30 years old) who want to develop professionally within the logic of creative entrepreneurship. They stan with the idea of change and developing improvements for themselves and the environment, and reflect in their communication the pride they feel in their profession or work. The continuous process of self-improvement is one of the core factors of the identity of this tribe. Academic training and, later on, contributing their creativity to the labour market are paramount values for them.

Their footprint reflects evidence of their need to position themselves through their work achievements, such as:

  • Sharing photographs of events related to their profession.
    Pictures of the building or the area where they work (leisure or co-working spaces).

-Displaying images of their certificates or professional qualifications.

-Using these visual resources, Blooming Entrepreneurs seek to demonstrate their actions to achieve success and, to a lesser extent, the achievements resulting from their efforts.

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