Blooming Moms

Blooming Moms

Blooming Moms
Consumer Tribe: Blooming Moms
Keywords: Positivity, healing, natural lifestyle, motivational phrases, happiness, love, creating a better world.

Description of their identity

This tribe is made up of a network of moms between the ages of 18 and 35 who are defined by situating themselves on social media based on their love for life, health, positive mentality, and cheerful attitude, all while cloaking themselves in the mantle of an aesthetic and manufactured figure. This love for life, health, positive mindset, and cheerful attitude give this tribe its name.

In this sense, people use social media not just to show off their manufactured body or face but also to tie their aesthetics to the pursuit of equilibrium, exercise, keeping a balanced diet, reciprocity, and the production of positive and hedonistic instants.

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