Bon Vivants
Consumer Tribe: Bon Vivants
Keywords: Fashion; design; gastronomy; beauty; beauty; social events; photography; architecture; film; travel.

Description of their identity

The members of Bon Vivants define themselves as "in love with life". Their defining characteristic is seeking an indulgent experience through food, art, fashion, and social encounters. Images of gourmet meals dominate their publications, discoveries of new bars and restaurants, and attendance at social events linked to the art world (gallery exhibitions, theatre presentations, tastings, and concerts).

On the one hand, they seek to belong to gourmet, fashion, and art consumption circles. On the other hand, they enhance Mexican culture by extracting traditions and importing them into high fashion and luxury circles. The quest to communicate status is unnecessary for this tribe; they seek to deconstruct luxury and return to its most elemental components without abandoning exclusivity. Luxury is an experience that is lived through the senses.

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