BTS Army
Consumer Tribe: BTS Army
Keywords: BTS; entertainment; fanfics; products; concerts; friendship; K-Pop idols, K-dramas; army bomb.

Description of their identity
Another tribe attached to musical entertainment found on social-digital channels is BTS Army: a group of profiles that constitute their identity concerning the passion they feel and transmit for the South Korean musical group BTS. For this reason, the tribe uses social media exclusively to display content that highlights images of the members of this boy band and photographs of particular objects or products (music albums, posters, mugs, pins) that they frantically accumulate.

A central element that traces their identity axis is the kawaii aesthetic concept, which is a direct function of the group's image:
Racial isomorphism (i.e. the conjunction of Asian features with Western fashion).
Gender with non-binary inclinations (somewhat caricatured).
Characters that produce tenderness (instead of sexualizing) and impeccable public presentations (choreography, musicalization, and physical appearance).

Becoming part of the BTS Army tribe requires a taste for music and the oriental aesthetics conveyed by such bands.

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