Buddy Dads

Consumer Tribe: Buddy Dads

Buddy Dads
Consumer Tribe: Buddy Dads
Keywords: family; soccer; friends; parenting; fatherhood; superheroes; friendship. 

Description of their identity
The Buddy Dads tribe is composed of men who share two characteristics. On the one hand, a recent (or perceived recent) transition from single man to family man; the vast majority of these dads' children are under 11. On the other, they share the quest to maintain that essence of adventure and fun that characterized their single life.

Buddy Dads share the values of postmodern fatherhood: authority from friendship and not being the strict disciplinarian male figure, but a mixture of power and camaraderie around the care of their children. The characteristic element of this tribe is the presentation of two paternal roles: on the one hand, as family men affectionate with their children and partner, and on the other hand, as strong and dominant men from fun. Facebook represents the medium through which the community members present their duality.

They have apprehended their new role while maintaining the most masculine aspects of their life before parenting. They show themselves as competitive and ambitious men whose effort and dedication in their personal and professional lives aim to offer their families the best.

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