Busy Couples

Consumer Tribe: Busy Couples.

Busy Couples
Consumer Tribe: Busy Couples
Keywords: Social engagements; weddings; travel; young children; family gatherings; social events; travel; couple; family; relationships.

Description of their identity

Busy Couples are a tribe comprising profiles with two distinctive characteristics: on the one hand, they always articulate their identity as a couple. They are both men and women who expose their relationship, with or without children, and the activities they carry out together. Secondly, their members express a high valuation of socialization activities. Among their most shared content, they highlight photographs at social events, vacation trips, and, if they have young children, moves to provide them with fun and entertainment. Their digital footprint reflects its members' importance in fulfilling their commitments constantly. In stark contrast, pursuing hobbies, individual activities, or career paths is irrelevant to this tribe's social display.

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