Consumer Tribe: Caporales

Consumer Tribe: Caporales
Keywords: rural entrepreneurship; family; alcohol consumption; trucks; luxury objects; charreadas.

Description of their identity

Caporales comprise males, from 20 to 45, who position their masculinity not so much from the violence towards the other. Still, from the countryside, the aesthetic and the luxury objects search. They seek the person's exposure from a binomial: the relationship with the country and the contact with luxury objects, for example, trucks.

Exposure to the link with the countryside from a rural-entrepreneurial vision gives the Caporales tribe its identity. This set of profiles upload images of their crops to digital platforms, comments on the businesses they have accomplished, luxury events they attend in the city, and objects that position them as rural entrepreneurs. It is a vision aimed at success from the strength and personal drive, or in other words, from the rural colonization in terms of the constitution of a fruitful business.

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