Cartoonized Me

Consumer Tribe: Cartoonized Me

Cartoonized Me
Consumer Tribe: Cartoonized Me
Keywords: comic; cartoons; animated movies; love phrases; jokes; movie phrases; god; family. 

Description of their identity

Cartoonized Me is a tribe that uses formats traditionally intended for children to represent everyday life situations, regardless of age (there are people from 15 to 50 years old). It is a particular group of people because they articulate their identity with animated characters to the extent that their social media profiles contain more images of the cartoons than of themselves and their loved ones.

That is why cartoons (and images) become, in addition to tools for expressing emotions, anecdotes, positive desires, and future projections, the pillars for defining their identity and social and emotional relationships. The members of Cartoonized Me maintain a 100% illustrated logic in their digital content: they present themselves as characters from cartoons, movies, and even illustrations of their authorship.

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