Chit Chatters

Consumer Tribe: Chit Chatters

Chit Chatters
Consumer Tribe: Chit Chatters
Keywords: social life; parties; social events; friendship; school life. 

Description of their identity

The name Chit Chatter refers to a tribe of men and women, from 15 to 25 years old, who articulate their identity based on the collective and playful. That is to say, they show themselves at all times in spaces of distraction, fun and recreation together with people close to them: friends, cousins or schoolmates.

Their sense of belonging depends more on how they connect with their network of friends than on individual exposure to the self. Rather than exposing themselves autonomously, Chit Chatters use digital media to express the collective identity they have built with their friends. Their close ones are part of their micro-society that allows them to say who they are playfully in recess, classrooms, parks and squares.

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