Consumer Tribe: Cinemarts

Consumer Tribe: Cinemarts
Keywords: Abstract films, music, popular culture, trending series, cinema classics, film festival, independent movies. 

Description of their identity

Tribe composed of profiles of men and women between 20 and 45 years old who position themselves in social media based on the following axes:

1) Consumption of film products in artistic contexts.

2) In-depth knowledge of cult films and art cinema.

3) Updating in terms of premieres. It is about showing yourself as an expert view of the seventh art, which is connected in a minor way with other arts such as music, painting, and photography.

The exposure of their visits to the cinema, art exhibitions, musicals, and works of art, their experience, their artistic elements, and anything related to the production of it become hegemonic practices that describe the collective identity of this network of people. Unlike other moviegoer tribes, this one is characterized by being an exclusive follower of art in different contexts, leaving aside the mainstream and commercial, so they are not interested in major Hollywood world premieres.

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