Conscious White Collars

Consumer Tribe: Conscious White Collars

Conscious White Collars
Consumer Tribe: Conscious White Collars
Keywords: Politics; news; office moments; activism; digital signatures; social awareness; social causes. 

Description of their identity
The Conscious White Collars tribe comprises men and women aged 25 to 40, who are characterized by being constantly concerned about the social and cultural issues surrounding them. Many of them, office workers or employees, not only show their routine work life (like the Sarcastic Media Junkies tribe) but build their identity from the exposure and disclosure of political issues, especially insecurity, corruption, or criticism of any politician or agency.

Activism is what coordinates their activity, whether digital or non-digital. Beyond showing their daily life attached to the professional or emotional, this tribe uploads political news, asks for signatures for social causes, unveils cultural injustices, and makes complaints against the government, among other forms of expression concerned with unveiling and solving any problem. It is a critical and informed position that demands, through publications, a good government and a just society.

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