Dark Souls

Consumer Tribe: Dark Souls

Dark Souls
Consumer Tribe: Dark Souls
Keywords: horror movies; monsters; dark lifestyle; gym; dark outfits; thriller movies; horror characters. 

Description of their identity

This tribe has been called Darksouls about the type of courageous identity that this network of people interprets. Instead, it is a group of men and women with an exuberant fanaticism for the adrenaline produced by moments of fear and instability. Hence their frenetic taste for horror films and their devotion to presenting themselves not as the human figure but as obscure characters that refer to the monstrous.

In this sense, their identity axis constitutes the persevering attitude in adverse and abrupt situations. This tribe enjoys showing itself when the person stands out for his courage and resistance despite what he has experienced. That is why they upload in their networks situations where they are consuming horror movies, expose their body figure from obscure attire and present themselves performing physical resistance routines (exercise).

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