Deep Creatives
Consumer Tribe: Deep Creatives
Keywords: Photography, architecture, museums, arts, aesthetics, design, music, digital design. 

Description of their identity

The present tribe is formed by young men and women from 19 to 35 years old who position their digital identity according to their intellectual and artistic relationship with disciplines such as architecture, art, and photography. Specifically, this tribe shares content in which they are susceptible to the aesthetic experience of space, whether it is an architectural monument, the detail of a street, or the conservation of a monument. Thus, they turn the most ordinary details of space into aesthetic pieces that represent their gaze.

The tribe identifies with the artist's role, so it uses social media to build this figure by publishing content about works that end in themselves: photography and designs are the work its members most share through their digital presence. From these works, they elaborate on a sensitive self; this form of exposure of their figure is highly valued in the professional field in which they work.

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