Devoted Housewives

Consumer Tribe: Devoted Housewives

Devoted Housewives
Consumer Tribe: Devoted Housewives
Keywords: Family life, role of mother and wife, religion, grandchildren-grandmother relationship, home care, positive phrases.

Description of their identity

The tribe known as the Devoted Housewives is made up of a group of women from 35 to 55 years old who define who they are in terms of their place in the house and how they achieve a sense of fulfillment, harmony, and spiritual peace in their lives. These women and moms are devoted to the house and provide material about their family that they have received from various contexts, as well as messages that have a good attitude towards the outside world.

The family's residence serves as their "main stage" in that the "behind-the-scenes" region paves the way for their accomplishments in other environments. Preparing meals is an essential element of the task that Devoted Housewives do. They are the ones who are in charge of preparing the most delicious meals for the people they care about.

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