Diamond Dreamers

Consumer Tribe: Diamond Dreamers

Diamond Dreamers
Consumer Tribe: Diamond Dreamers
Keywords: Motivation; self-improvement; recognition; sales events; business events; leadership; family; financial education; financial success; personal success.

Description of their identity
Diamond Dreamers is a tribe of men and women who attach their identity to the professional field they find themselves in multilevel business. In this sense, they are product distributors who show high loyalty and gratitude to the company or brand in which they work. A constant desire and yearning for professional improvement to climb in the human labour network sustain them. Hence, the brands they work with become sacred symbols for this type of profile.

In social media, this tribe wants to increase their income and reach a higher category. They upload motivational and religious phrases daily, events organized by the brands they sell, and above all, they use social media to expose the products they offer. These profiles are highly linked to the professional from an aspirational point of view.

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