Drops for Props

Consumer Tribe: Drops for Props

Drops for Props
Consumer Tribe: Drops for Props 

Keywords: Artist life; professionalism; modeling; photography; dance, ballet; makeup; musicians.

Description of their Identity
This tribe comprises a network of public figures, actresses, models, musicians, and photographers dedicated to publishing the professional artistic work they perform within their respective areas or industries. For its members, regardless of their professional field, the essential thing to belong to the tribe is building an artistic figure linked to dance, theater, acting, modeling, and audiovisual production. In short, they are passionate creators by nature.

The tribe shares their desire to postulate themselves as performers or established artists. It is about showing what they do and revealing the theoretical, ornamental, and aesthetic details of the dance they perform, the photographs they capture, the videos they edit and construct, and the plays they participate in. Finally, the positioning of the members of the tribe depends on how elaborate, profound, detailed, and ornamental the execution of what they do: modeling, dancing, acting, and audiovisual production - is presented.

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