Emo Explorers

Consumer Tribe: Emo explorers

Emo Explorers
Consumer Tribe: Emo explorers
Keywords: Emotions; loneliness; anime; relationships; memes; school; melancholy; aesthetics; music; self-image.

Description of their Identity
The consumer tribe called Emo Explorers refers to a network of people who express their identity from their constant suffering. In this sense, it is common to observe in their profiles songs, stories, and messages that speak of a sadness that is found in the deepest part of the being, that defines the members of this tribe, and that is enjoyed because it enables the maturation of the person.

Hence its tribal axis: the vainglory to the feeling of sadness. For the members of the tribe, moving away from happiness is not synonymous with something negative but is an essential part of the learning process that a person has to carry out. In other words, sadness and suffering are understood as the pillars of a method of exploration and emotional maturation that allows people, for their good, to experience new sensations and reflections.

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