Entertainment Junkies

Consumer Tribe: Entertainment Junkies

Entertainment Junkies
Consumer Tribe: Entertainment Junkies
Keywords: entertainment news; concerts; festivals; soccer; sports events; cultural events. 

Description of their identity
Entertainment Junkies is the name given to a tribe composed of men and women, from 20 to 45 years old, who totally have devotion to entertainment and the contemplation of cultural goods. Hence, they anchor their identity in the fiery consumption of events, concerts, festivals, programs and television series. However, this is not an experience they assume from the figure of sages. They do not consume entertainment from an intellectual depth but from certain superficial moments and a current and hedonistic life posture.

From this point of view, their identity axis linked to entertainment is based on the possibility of escaping from daily obligations. Their devotion to artistic, sporting and cultural goods results from individual consumption that seeks to live in the present, be carefree, and build playful moments and moments of pleasure and enjoyment.

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