Eternal Couples

Consumer Tribe: Eternal Couples

Eternal Couples
Consumer Tribe: Eternal Couples
Keywords: couple life; social events; vacation; couple travel; romantic trips; love phrases.

Description of their identity
Eternal Couples is a tribe of young and adult profiles (from 25 to 45 years old) that use social media to show themselves from the constitution of their being as a couple. Generally, they demonstrate this with travel and recreational activities that allow them to associate themselves with various roles: couples, friends, partners, and parents.

However, unlike Honeymooners Mindset, this tribe conceives relationships not from the romantic spectacle but from serenity and friendship to build eternity. Specifically, their digital activity reveals that they do not wish to be constituted from romantic hyperbole; instead, they understand the affective relationship from the routine, the deep knowledge of the other and the creation of a shared world from serenity. The eternal is not achieved by being romantic but by sharing daily and extraordinary experiences.

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