Consumer Tribe: FamAdventure

Consumer Tribe: FamAdventure
Keywords: nuclear family; family trips; family vacation; nature; theme parks; family travel. 

Description of their identity

FamAdventure is a family tribe that differs from others by the maternal and paternal relationship it establishes with its children. It is based on the search for exploration spaces as an element of training and education. In this sense, this experience is not limited to the home and daily life. In contrast, it emphasizes getting out of the house and producing a family bond through travel to non-city contexts.

It is worth noting that this tribe does not represent traditional families because the hierarchy of fathers and mothers fades a bit. The protagonists who expose in digital media about their trips are usually their sons and daughters, whom they show as independent and autonomous characters. Finally, educating their children is based on providing them with academic education and offering them spaces for exploration and freedom.

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