Fashion House
Consumer Tribe: Fashion House
Keywords: Fashion shows; catwalks; social events; fashion brands; aesthetic blogs; clothing-related tips; GRWM, outfit reveals, outfit trends. 

Description of their identity
Another of the tribes that appeared concerning fashion is Fashion House: a tribe composed of men and women who directly link their identity with artistic events and catwalks. Specifically, they are young and young adult profiles (from 15 to 35 years old) that present a concerned and pedagogical vision of the secrets of good dressing, eating, and behaving.

For this, they position themselves as wise experts in terms of fashion. Many profiles have blogs that show new trends and tips for mixing clothing, always from their own person. Social media are a showcase where they unveil their discourse materialized in clothes and style. It is worth mentioning that unlike the Devil Wears Prada tribe, this one does not show itself from the exclusionary but from the inclusive and positive motivational speech: they intend to teach new trends to others.

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