Fit Travelers
Consumer Tribe: Fit Travelers
Keywords: Selfies; exercise; gym; yoga; eating habits; travel; gym routines, exercise routines, Trekking, cycling, surfing, recreational activities, nature photography.

Description of their identity

This tribe comprises people of both genders who build their identity from a nomadic and fit lifestyle. They mix great discipline in their eating habits and daily exercise routine with the desire to travel around the world. They position themselves through movement, exercise, and a playful and dynamic attitude, seeking active contact with nature. Social media becomes not only a channel of exposure of their selves but a means to promote and build an active profile that seeks non-static, non-sedentary experiences.

In such a way, what governs their identity posture is the construction of a well-worked body. Much of their daily activity is modulated to tone their bodies. Travel is also interpreted as a scenario that contributes to their figure, whether as a landscape that decorates their aesthetics or as a space that allows them to know-exercise.

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