Fluorescent Adolescents

Consumer Tribe: Fluorescent Adolescents

Fluorescent Adolescents
Consumer Tribe: Fluorescent Adolescents
Keywords: gender; sexuality; social awareness; non-binary; LGBT community; gender; social equality.

Description of their identity
The Fluorescent Adolescents tribe comprises adolescents who are in a state of exploration of their identity. In this sense, they articulate it by constantly questioning the binary conditions of gender (masculine and feminine) and the social status of people (economically privileged and non-privileged). In other words, they wonder about different non-binary ways of identifying themselves sexually and are concerned about the common welfare in all social spheres.

The identity axis, therefore, is constituted of diversity. In other words, this digital tribe can be explained by their constant desire to explore uncommon ways of belonging and relating to the other (others). For this reason, they use digital media to show themselves from various aesthetic postures and reveal different positions about gender and social problems.

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