Football Platonics

Consumer Tribe: Football Platonics

Football Platonics
Consumer Tribe: Football Platonics
Keywords: tochito; flag football; training ; football values; football players, football phrases.

Description of their identity

Football Platonics is a tribe with more female profiles than usual in communities based on sports brands. Both women and men have in common the presentation of their person from the shape of the athlete, who does not strictly practice football, but some of its variants: "tochito" and football flag, are the most common.

Flag soccer (also known as tochito or tocho in Mexico and flag football in the United States) is a form of American soccer played without tackles.

Their identity takes shape from the publication of content that endorses their understanding of the sport in general terms. They validate their love for football because although it is not the sport they practice as such, they appropriate its values and show themselves as fans with the greatest possible approach. In this sense, they are interested in the local professional football scene and its variants.

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