Forever Youngs

Consumer Tribe: Forever Youngs

Forever Youngs
Consumer Tribe: Forever Youngs
Keywords: social events; friend meetings; travel; family vacations; family; friendship; vacations.

Description of their identity
Forever Youngs is a tribe composed of men and women from 45 to 60 years old approximately. Precisely, this group of people portrays their lives with a youthful attitude, active participation in their families, and the recurrent relationship with friends in festive places: meetings, trips, casinos, parties, and breakfasts, among others.

Implicitly, they seek to deconstruct the collective stereotype of old age by always showing their participation. Not only do they reveal themselves through their family figure (grandparents or elderly parents), but they also expose themselves more from their relationship with their peers (friends or partners) in night events, exploration trips, and places such as casinos. It is ultimately about positioning themselves from eternal youth, or rather, from an attitude that goes against the passive figure of the older adult.

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