Glitter Girls

Consumer tribe: Glitter Girls

Glitter Girls
Consumer tribe: Glitter Girls
Keywords: Body care; health and beauty tips; aesthetics; travel; social events; makeup; friendships; feminity. 

Description of their identity
A set of exclusively female profiles give rise to the Glitter Girls tribe, women who position themselves in social media from two aspects: their appearance and the process of care that this entails. Although they belong to a broad age group, they have standard specific practices such as selfie-like photographs with filters that hide facial defects and the exposure of typical signs of femininity such as flowers, makeup, and jewellery.

Their digital profiles take the form of a dressing room or fitting room where they can get in touch with themselves and explore how they look when they change some aspects of their aesthetics. The publications they share revolve around the representation of "being a woman" from a process of care that translates into beauty. At the same time, a discourse on well-being and healthy self-esteem is articulated.

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