Gold Dreamers

Consumer Tribe: Gold Dreamers

Gold Dreamers
Consumer Tribe: Gold Dreamers
Keywords: Dreams, luxury cars, cash, world travel.

Description of their identity

The Gold Dreamers tribe comprises children and adolescents from 12 to 19 years old who use their social media to post pictures of their dreams and those objects they aspire to achieve in their future life. It is a medium where they expose their material desires commonly related to acquiring money or intangible wealth.

Among the most common publications of the members of the "Gold Dreamers" are those that show motivational phrases next to luxury cars, vans, or convertibles presented in front of emblematic monuments of different parts of the world or, finally, packages or piles of bills. It is worth mentioning that most of the photographs are stock photos; only some are real, that is, they show the money to which the members have had access.

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