Consumer Tribe: Gymfies
Keywords: Gym selfies; masculinity; empowerment; dietary supplements; fitness routine; meal preps.

Description of their identity
This consumer tribe comprises men (mostly) and women whose life routine revolves around one issue: obtaining a muscular body and a healthy, motivational lifestyle.

Unlike Fitsters, Gymfies pointedly, and even radically, revere exercise and nutrition in favor of building a figure with significant dimensions. Strength (and a healthy lifestyle) is the engine they seek to represent with every photo, TikTok, and stories they upload to their social media, to the extent that their digital activity is oriented exclusively to the portrayal of the progress and changes they generate in their body under an extreme routine: photos, selfies (and stories) of their marked abdomen, images inside the gym, exposure of dietary supplements, and so on.

The aim is to accelerate the muscular process, gain physical (core) and symbolic (aesthetic) volume, and build a masculine and feminine representation based on strength, constancy, and perseverance. The most critical time of their day is when it is time to exercise. They usually make "Get ready with me" vlogs where they show their entire routine from the moment they get up until they reach the highlight of their day: going to the gym.

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