Handy Men

Consumer Tribe: Handy Men

Handy Men
Consumer Tribe: Handy Men
Keywords: construction; building; home improvement; family; soccer; vacations; fatherhood.

Description of their identity
Handy Men is a tribe dedicated to home improvement, as a profession, and from different trades. The tribe contains people engaged in masonry, construction, repair of household appliances, transportation of raw materials, painting and waterproofing. On the other hand, the role of the family provider is significant for them. Like other tribes made up mainly of men, the ability to protect and provide for their children links with the male role.

Family activities dominate their digital content: birthdays, vacations and weekends at home become excuses to strengthen ties with their loved ones. However, Handy Men also have a characteristic that defines them and distinguishes them from other men: their mastery of manual labour to build or improve a space. Although they do not use their accounts on digital platforms as an advertising space for their services, they share images of their daily work.

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