Harlequin Hood

Consumer Tribe: Harlequin Hood

Harlequin Hood
Consumer Tribe: Harlequin Hood
Keywords: Humor, memes, economy criticism, barrio, classism memes, mockery of their daily lives.

Description of their identity

The following tribe is made up of male profiles that present themselves in social media based on the following identity axes:

1) Pride in belonging to a neighborhood, its uses, and customs.

2) Humor in the face of their economic situation and the social problems that affect them.

Hence, the tribe uses mainly memes to express their experiences and laugh at their position. It should be noted that the tribe does not show itself from aspiration or any activist stance, but from conformity and humor. It is worth noting that they often highlight a "satire" attitude towards the country's news, from a position of mockery towards government representatives or groups of people with different convictions from theirs (for example, right or left). This tribe also, usually shares in their social media their day-to-day life from normality, and even if it is any photograph or video, they try to show that their life and economic status are "enough to live well".

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