Health Coaches

Consumer Tribe: Health Coaches

Health Coaches
Consumer Tribe: Health Coaches
Keywords: Nutrition; sports; wellness; yoga; health; meal preps.

Description of their identity
This tribe comprises profiles that build an identity attached to their profession. To do so, they must show themselves from two thematic vectors: exercise and nutrition. Any information linked to food and physical activity allows them to position themselves as health experts.

Health, as a result of constant work and concern, is the emblem that helps them to build their identity. And for this, they need to be publishing tips and advice on what foods allow them to perform or lose weight, how to maintain their figure, what are the best routines to keep in shape, and what type of exercise is the best to achieve the desired result. The expertise depends, therefore, on their knowledge of the subject, and above all, on the figure they present: they need to show a worked body associated with the aesthetic ideals of lightness (women) and strength (men).

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