Honey Mooners Mindset

Consumer Tribe: Honey Mooners

Honey Mooners Mindset
Consumer Tribe: Honey Mooners Mindset
Keywords: Weddings; anniversaries; ring display; couple travel; couple vacation; romantic dinners. 

Description of their identity
Honeymooners mindset is a tribe of women (mostly) and men from 25 to 50 years old who show their identity from romantic love in its maximum power: edited honeymoon pictures, anniversary portraits, sunset images, engagement rings and hugs or kisses in selfie position. Hence, their primary role links to being a husband or wife.

Romantic love is the central theme that builds their online identity: they reluctantly demonstrate certain practices (trips, weddings, celebrations) to materialize their feelings towards their partner. Therefore, anniversaries are the most important (and most exposed) time to revive their romantic side, to bring it back. They perform rituals constantly that intensify the relationship from remembering the most affective moment.

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