Honored Patriots

Consumer Tribe: Honored Patriots

Honored Patriots
Consumer Tribe: Honored Patriots
Keywords: U.S. flag, patriotic symbols, historical dates and commemorations, family moments, USA, Veterans.

Description of their identity

Honored Patriot is a tribe consolidated by a group of fathers and mothers from 25 to 55 American families who position themselves in social media from their devotion to their land of origin. In this sense, their digital activity is orchestrated not only by exposing the moments they spend with their family and the vacations they take at the beach but also by symbols that allow them to associate the person with their country.

Honored Patriots represent a network of patriotic profiles. Users expose their country's flag, the most significant events of the United States of America, and historical memories of the wars they have participated in. During the holidays, when military veterans are remembered, they usually make an allusion to this event and place flags either at home or in their cars. This feeling of patriotism and pride accompanies them in their daily lives.

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