Hot Wheels Teens

Consumer Tribe: Hot Wheel Teens

Hot Wheels Teens
Consumer Tribe: Hot Wheel Teens
Keywords: car hunting; car shows; friendship; toy miniature; HotWheels; collection toys.

Description of their identity
The tribe called Hot Wheels Teens comprises a network of teenagers (12 to 18 years old) who show an exuberant passion for motor vehicles. However, in most cases, the relationship they outline with cars and motorcycles is based on something other than reality but on medium and long-term aspirations. In other words, it is a tribe that does not own the automobiles but admires them and presents them in their digital networks as unfulfilled desires.

It is worth saying that the central identity axis that explains the tribe derives from the masculinity projected by the social representations of sports cars, pickup trucks, and motorcycles. In other words, it is an identity attached to strength, speed, control, and independence. The desire for cars is more than a simple whim or object of passion. It is a way of belonging collectively to the figure of the rebellious, tenacious, brave, and strong man.

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