Iron Bros

Consumer Tribe: Iron Bros.

Iron Bros
Consumer Tribe: Iron Bros
Keywords: alcohol consumption; rural spaces; ranchos; wine bottles; luxury cars; horses; aggressive speech. 

Description of their identity

Iron Bros (literal translation of "Fierro Pariente") is a tribe that expresses imposing masculinity in two ways. The first involves the exaltation of any luxury item or an object that is their property; in fact, they show ostentatious bottles of alcohol, photographs of tuned cars, and even photographs of banknote bands. On the other hand, the second one consists of the exhibition of accessories that can be considered rural: hats, boots, farms, ranches, horses, cows, etcetera.

However, between the two aspects of masculine expression, a central point explains the tribal identity of this set of profiles: the consolidation of unshakable masculinity. It is about showing themselves as persons who, from their luxuries and taste for the rural, show themselves as imposing, aggressive, and a creator of their path. In addition to the objects of value and their relationship with the rustic, they offer bold and defiant phrases to their surroundings, especially when they highlight how they prevail over others.

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