KAPPA Fraternity

Consumer Tribe: KAPPA Fraternity

KAPPA Fraternity
Consumer Tribe: KAPPA Fraternity
Keywords: College football in Mexico; American football community; sports life; university life; university sports.

Description of their identity

The tribe comprises primarily male profiles whose behavior on digital platforms emulates the logic of fraternities in the North American university context. The topic around which they are connected is professional college football in Mexico. However, they also share a particular tone of rivalry to express themselves about other everyday situations, which comes from the competitive dynamics of sports of this nature.

The narrative they structure about themselves through social media focuses on showing themselves from the ideal image that arises from the cultural framework of college football: it is about taking a position above the others from a typically male perspective. For KAPPA Fraternity, it is essential to demonstrate a high degree of involvement, and therefore superiority, in national football to maintain its status.

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