Kind Retirees

Consumer Tribe: Kind Retirees

Kind Retirees
Consumer Tribe: Kind Retirees
Keywords: Travel, positive speech, family photos, love and abundance speech, nature, travel and outdoors.

Description of their identity

This tribe comprises a network of adults and seniors (from 45 to 60) who represent themselves on social media from a favorable position highlighting happiness, family togetherness, and gratitude for the moments of life. In this sense, their digital activity is coordinated by exhibiting positive messages. For example, these photographs show them enjoying trips, images that show the united family, and sunsets with reflective phrases. Ultimately, the idea is to postulate themselves as grateful subjects for their surroundings.

They are in a stage of life that focuses on relaxation, contemplation, and bliss. Family and friends gatherings are shown more as social events than family meeting spaces. For them, now, trips are more constant and not only seen as a rest-obligated vacation. It is essential to establish their life from the point of view of joy, celebration, and retirement.

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