Liquid Bachelor's

Consumer Tribe: Liquid Bachelor's

Liquid Bachelor's
Consumer Tribe: Liquid Bachelor's
Keywords: Travel; selfies; hobbies; music festivals; sports; art; photography; adventure travel; outdoor exploring. 

Description of their identity
Liquid Bachelor's is a tribe of young men whose identity is shaped around the quest to live a life "without ties". For this tribe, freedom is understood as the ability to evade the obligations and ties of what other people refer to as stability: an office job, children, debt, or long-term formal commitment.

Freedom is the guiding axis of their identity, which they constantly manifest by demonstrating the ease with which they can travel and even change their residence or job on a semi-permanent basis. Its members range in age from 20 to 35 and make an explicit effort to communicate this lack of "ties". In addition, the emphasis on carefully posed, self-centred visual content shares the importance to them of their individuality.

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