Localists Fanatics

Consumer Tribe: Localists Fanatics

Localists Fanatics
Consumer Tribe: Localists Fanatics
Keywords: National and local football; national sport community; formative values of sport; national sports pride.

Description of their identity

Localist Fanatics are consolidated as a tribe based on the love of football with a focus on the national sports scene. For them, the most important thing is the sense of community generated from the sport and other values it promotes effort, adaptability, and persistence. It is for this reason that many of the members show not only a fondness for their football teams but also other sports.

For this tribe, unconditional support for the teams they follow is fundamental, usually, those representing their location or a nearby location. The team they identify with becomes a symbol that promotes solid social relationships, mostly among men. It also fosters a sense of pride in the place of origin, provoking a highly significant identity anchoring.

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