Love Daydreamers

Consumer Tribe: Love Daydreamers

Love Daydreamers
Consumer Tribe: Love Daydreamers
Keywords: romantic phrases; couple moments; love memes; forever-alone discourse; romantic love. 

Description of their identity

Love Daydreamers is a tribe made up of teenagers, young adults, and some adults (age range: 13 to 45 years old) whose conversation revolves around platonic love in the form of desire. This means that they are profiles that revere romantic discourse. However, most haven't managed yet to obtain or materialize such a relationship, or at least, despite having a partner, they do not feel they have achieved it.

Hope, consequently, is the feeling that coordinates their identity and their digital activity. It is about showing themselves from the idea of the attainable utopia, of the desire that has not been consummated but will arrive sooner or later. For this reason, their digital activity is summarised in phrases that highlight romantic love or, conversely, memes and content that show the negative side of unconsummated desire (obtaining the soul mate), despair, or hopelessness. In short, their digital behavior is governed by a polar discourse. There are days in which they present themselves as the most in love and others in which they show the hatred they feel towards affective relationships through humor and sarcasm.

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