Luchona Moms

Consumer Tribe: Luchona Moms

Luchona Moms
Consumer Tribe: Luchona Moms
Keywords: Motherhood; challenging motherhood; children; mother obstacles; memes about being a mother. 

Description of their identity
Another of the tribes that form their identity from their maternal family role is a tribe called "Luchonas Moms". Made up of mothers from 25 to 40 years old, single and married women trace the notion of a mother from strength and individuality.

Therefore, motherhood as a challenge and effort is how they experience and live their family role. They do not show a positioning attached only to the maternal but also reveal other areas of their life, among which their professional life stands out. In fact, for them, being a mother is not only about affection but also about the effort and constant struggle to carry out their work without neglecting others.

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