Machos Alpha

Consumer Tribe: Machos Alpha

Machos Alpha
Consumer Tibe: Machos Alpha
Keywords: Soccer; sexist memes; car pictures; alcohol consumption; drugs consumption; misogyny; woman.

Description of their identity
Positioned from the hegemonic masculinity, this tribe comprises men of all ages who articulate their identity with violence, strength and courage. These profiles always highlight their physical attributes (representing strength) and violent attitude in the face of adversity.

The configuration of women as sexual objects is the central axis of their attitude. For them, power is not only measured from the economic or physical point of view but has to do with the consolidation of the male model based on the sexual relationship with women. That is why their digital communication is plagued with images that portray women only from their physical attributes, a misogynist discourse in the form of jokes, and linking all the products they consume as shortcuts to attract and seduce féminas -"females" (word used among tribe members).

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