Consumer Tribe: Maryjanes

Consumer Tribe: Maryjanes
Keywords: Weed consumption; nigh parties; recreational use of weed; marihuana; cannabis. 

Description of their identity

Maryjanes is the name of a group of profiles that articulate their identity with the consumption of weed (marihuana) in different ways. For example, they show themselves consuming the substance, expose the moments in which they eat and drink after consumption, and openly expose themselves in favor of the legalization of cannabis.

However, it is not about exposing themselves to addicts. But from that of the young and rebellious (15 to 30 years old). They demonstrate their leisure moments under the effect, but also without the influence of marijuana. Much of their digital activity tries to emphasize how they control consumption. Above all, by assuming it is a natural entity, they share a pronouncement in favor of the legal, medicinal, and recreational use of cannabis.

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