Men of Honor

Consumer Tribe: Men of Honor

Men of Honor
Consumer Tribe: Men of Honor
Keywords: Museums, chivalry discourse, cars, outings as a couple, bars, paintings, luxury items. 

Description of their identity

This tribe comprises a group of male profiles between 35 and 55 years old that position themselves from masculinity attached to chivalry. In this sense, their digital activity is orchestrated by the will to expose activities, objects and places that allow them to build a figure deep in the care of details and show a lifestyle surrounded by luxury items and art consumption.

For the tribe, the male figure is directly linked to honor. In this sense, they highlight the figure of captains, generals, and kings, among others, which allows us to understand how masculinity builds from nobility, courtesy and the fulfillment of the word. For the tribe, travel is a way to continue creating this figure in individual and family terms.

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